Get only the originals "Wink Vintage Aprons"

Recognized them for the full color logo label on the back of the product securely attached at top and bottom.


Wink Vintage Aprons make cooking more fun! Enjoy designs from the 1940's, 1950’s and 1960’s. Bring out that Pin-Up in you!


A wonderful way to express the classy sophistication as well as the sarcastic rebelliousness inside you. Our selection of retro aprons varies from polka dots to cupcakes pattern. We invite you to enjoy looking at our first collection and hope you will bring home a vintage apron today! 

We design our own patterns!

All the vintage designs and patterns are created only for our brand by our own special team of talented designers! 

Soft and organic fabrics

Our fabrics are 100% organic cotton, super soft and are super easy to take care. You will enjoy it for a long time!